LG Soundbar SH7 and SH5 subwoofer wireless

LG Italy announced the availability of the soundbar SH7 and SH5. The design of the two new models is designed to be minimalist, to match the OLED TV. SH7 has 4.1 channels and a wireless subwoofer, is compatible with the multi-room ecosystem of LG and offers payment equal to 360W (as always invite you to consider these numbers with caution). SH5, instead, has 2.1 channels, a wireless subwoofer and is capable of delivering 320W.

Both use the ASC (Adaptive Sound Control), the purpose of which is active in the analysis of the voice levels in real time. When the soundbar perceive high vocal levels automatically reduce the bass sound to make it more clear and defined the sound of dialogue. LG Auto Sound Engine, however, sets the frequencies for better sound balance, regardless of volume. The Standby function activates Bluetooth soundbar when an audio signal is sent via Bluetooth.

LG Soundbar SH7 and SH5 subwoofer wireless 2

LG Soundbar SH7 and SH5 subwoofer wireless

The SH7 model also offers other possibilities: support for multi-room not only allows you to send the audio to other rooms, but also to realize a configuration with rear speakers (so no more virtual surround). The soundbar can be combined with two speakers compatible: the two additional units are managed as a wireless rear channels. SH7 is also compatible with Google Cast: you can then send the streaming music in a way similar to what happens with Chromecasts products.

To complete the budget I have an input and an HDMI output, an Ethernet port (only SH7), Wi-Fi (only SH7), an optical input and an input of 3.5 mm jack. Prices are set to 399 Euro per SH7 and 249 for SH5.

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