LG WebOS 3.0 Smart TV 2016

WebOS could be a memory for smartphones and tablets, but is the future for Smart TV, and particularly the LG. Like every year, the Korean company will launch at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, scheduled for next January, the new release of its operating system. WebOS 3.0 will have new features compared to the past, including one that will play video from two different sources at the same time and another that will ensure the streaming mobile application from your smartphone to the TV.

The multi-view displays two different channels at the same time, or as watching a movie on Blu-Ray and a TV program at the same time. In short, it is certainly an indispensable feature but may be helpful to look at the results of the football match of their favorite team while you see a film.
There is also a new music application that allows you to play music through the speakers of Smart TV, even when it is turned off, a “Channel Advisor” that shows information about the programs you watch most often and IoTV an app that turns your TV in a control center for the Smart Home, ensuring the support and the compatibility even with IoT devices from other manufacturers.

Besides this, there will be news even for the “Magic”, with the introduction of Magic Zoom, Magic and Magic Remote Mobile Connection. The first “allows users to magnify objects and letters without losing image quality,” Magic Remore allows you to control the set-top box and DVR with the TV remote control, while the latter provides the visualization of smartphone applications on a TV.
WebOS 3.0 will be available on the new line of LG Smart TV in 2016, but it is not yet clear if the older models can be upgraded with an update. We will be back

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