Lian Li PC-O8

Announced in June, finally makes his appearance on the European market one of the most versatile cases Lian Li PC-O8 notable for many reasons, from the interior design into two compartments to their side of tempered glass, internal lighting through RGB and how not, it will cost 400 euros while in the stores.

And on the front picture you can see how inside the Lian Li PC-O8 is divided into two compartments, one for the motherboard, graphics card and everything that is connected thereto, and one for the power supply, drives hard, wiring and other components that are not usually show. In a case of this nature and still Lian Li a manufacturer that has always stood out for the quality of materials and finishes, the PC-O8 could not but use tempered glass on the front and left side, leaving the aluminum other construction from the box.

La Lian Li PC-O8

Both compartments of the Lian Li PC-O8 are prepared and not only to accommodate high-end hardware, but also custom liquid cooling systems with radiators up to 360 mm long and wide enough to integrate configurations push-pull These fans. As for the size of the hardware that supports it, we’re talking about graphics cards up to 370 mm in length, sinks to 170 mm in height and power supplies up to 298 mm in length, all leaving enough space for piping components and others.

In addition, Lian Li has introduced a “bonus” for the most enthusiastic of the aesthetics of their teams, and is none other than an integrated RGB lighting system that can be controlled in terms of color and intensity through a panel integrated into the back of the housing, ie is controlled by hardware rather than software.

However, as we said at first the Lian Li PC-O8 which hit Europe in early January (when in theory would come in July) will cost around 400 euros, a price that you consider the materials used (glass tempered and aluminum) and as all Lian Li cases, it is in the Premium category, although it does not seem exaggerated clearly not for every budget.

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