Loewe One 55 UHD

With the same attention to detail and quality as the rest of the Loewe models, the new One 55 UHD is positioned as the gateway for those who want to enter the world of the prestigious German manufacturer. The One 55 UHD TV is a sleek, modern design that is mainly characterized by its 55-inch screen with resolution Ultra HD, its double tuner mode hard disk recording and numerous placement options, common in all TVs Loewe.

Loewe One 55 UHD

Loewe SmartTv2move

One of the hallmarks of the German company Loewe is certainly attractive design of its products, an aspect in which the new One 55 UHD no slouch. Thanks to the combination of premium quality materials with careful finishing all surfaces the new Loewe offers a design to match expected in a brand well. In addition, as already happens with all Loewe TVs, we can choose a wide range of media and installation solutions, including manual or motorized swivel bases, and supports the floor or wall.

Turning now to the section of the technical features, the new UHD One 55 features a 55-inch LCD screen with LED backlight and Ultra HD or 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels), which is a quality four times higher than that of Full HD , the highest standard of quality until relatively recently. The imaging system also has a climber to increase the quality of the lower resolution videos, the perfect excuse to revisit old movies on DVD.

Another interesting features is the dual tuner that gives us several advantages such as the possibility of zapping instant, without any interval between changes in black channel. If you also combine dual tuner with network connection One 55 UHD, we can send TV images at a tablet or a smartphone while watching another program on the screen. For this it will only need to download the MyTV2Move application, available for free to iOS or Android devices. The presence of network connectivity also means that the UHD One 55 features a full Smart TV mode with which we will access videos and music on demand, and unburden all applications. Entertainment Mode or Smart TV also has Internet radio tuner, allowing access over network 30.o00 stations and allowing you to search by typing the name of the group or artist you want to listen.

The new One 55 UHD also allows us to record our favorite shows on your internal hard drive or 1TB external drive or USB pen drive. This function allows you to record a program while watching another channel, and even watch two channels at once using the PIP (Picture in Picture) while recording a third on the hard disk. As for the provision of audio, UHD One 55 is equipped with two rear-facing speakers offer a total power of 40 W. It also incorporates a decoder supports 5.1 multichannel audio formats Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD.

Finally, the new Loewe One 55 UHD is available in white color, and its suggested retail price is 2,000 euros

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