MacBook Air Skylake

In June, probably during the WWDC, Apple could organize completely its lineup of handsets, inputting to list two new models of MacBook Air 13 and 15 inches. The two new notebook would then be sold between August and September next. That at least is what is suggested by the Economic Daily News of Taiwan.
The report makes no mention of even a 11-inch version, while according to the two models could be much thinner than today, thanks to a complete redesign of the interior space.

MacBook Air Skylake

The news, although interesting, at first, however, can seem less decisive than it really is, because the two details suggest actually a complete reorganization of the lineup.
apple macbook air 13 inch 2014 angle

Until recently it was assumed that soon the MacBook Air would be replaced by other models of the new MacBook, thinner and lighter (0.35 to 1.31 mm versus 1.7 mm and 920 grams of weight against a minimum of 1.8 kg).
If these rumors are true then the ultra-thin MacBook become the proposal of the Californian company, while the new MacBook Air 13 and 15 inches would constitute the mainstream proposal, with the MacBook Pro finally targeted to professional users or that require more power calculation.

The Economic Daily News however has not always guessed predictions about Apple, so this news should be received with great caution. The hypotheses are not spans the air, but until next June there is still much time and market strategies can change in a time even less than that which separates us from June.

Powerful? A rendering in 2K (using Cinema 4D) with a MacBook Pro 13 “1600 euro makes me in 30-40 hours. It gets to 76 ° C with the fans at 3500-4000 RPM. The MacBook 15” with the graphics card AMD, however, are the beasts.
In my opinion, however, a MacBook Pro 13 “1600 euro should have the components of the MacBook Pro 15” from 3000 euro, the euro by 3000 must have DDR4, Skylake / X99 Notebook, 980M, better ventilation, such as 4K monitor or to limit the 3440×2160

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