Marvell 88NV1160

The specialist in DRAM and semiconductor manufacturer Marvell has announced the launch of its new controller for SSDs 88NV1160, with the particularity that does not need DRAM chips for itself. It is, therefore, aimed at NVMe PCI-Express devices only.

This new controller Marvell is, yes, oriented efficiency, and does not provide too high a performance: up to 1600 MB / s according to the manufacturer, although this then also depend on memory chips bearing the SSD in the to go controller installed. The strength of this and which Marvell aims to win over potential customers is energy efficiency, because although they have not provided specific data, they say it is the best performance per watt ratio has consumed the market.


The Marvell 88NV1160 can be installed on integrating SSDs using BGA (ball grid array single) and can have multiple controllers (improving the performance of the unit in this way) or independently. Its dimensions are only 9 x 10 mm, so it is ideal to be integrated in M.2 SSDs U.2 format and without problems.

These are the main characteristics according to Marvell has provided:
Marvell 88NV1160
NVMe support PCIe over Gen3x2
Fully automated hardware NVMe 1.3 Host Support with Memory Buffer support
Low power management (L1.2) design
Powerful dual core ARM Cortex-R5 CPUs
Embedded SRAM With hardware accelerators to optimize IOPS performance
ONFI3 and Toggle2 NAND support
NANDEdge LDPC error-correction technology boosts SSD endurance and reliability and supports 15nm 2D and 3D TLC TLC / QLC
Full turnkey firmware and manufacturing support Compatible with mainstream NAND
28nm low power CMOS process
The manufacturer has made a presentation at the Flash Memory Summit 2016 taking place in Santa Clara in these days and expect the first devices equipped with the controller reach the market later this year.

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