MasterLiquid kits Cooler Master Pro

During the Computex this year, Cooler Master presented all their news gradually become available in the market. Today it is the turn to its liquid cooling kits MasterLiquid Pro in combinations of 120 and 240 mm, which should reach the same stores this week.

The MasterLiquid Pro throwing now Cooler Master has numerous innovations in the field of liquid cooling systems all in one, partly because he was playing innovate a little, and partly to get rid of patent issues that the manufacturer has with Asetek . To this end, it has designed a new block with double chamber quite large (measuring 38 mm high in the model 120 mm and 56.9 mm to 240 mm) which, they say, has the lowest noise level of industry (as Cooler Master only emits 10 dBA).

MasterLiquid kits Cooler Master Pro

The pump moves the coolant from the lower chamber, which is in contact with the block making contact with the processor, to an upper chamber where it forces it to pass through the entire surface of the block, thereby increasing transmission efficiency heat and, depending on the manufacturer, extending the half-life of the product. With this the base has a 657% more heat dissipation area over previous models.


The radiator also holds its own. Instead of the usual aluminum fins triangular shape, the manufacturer’s constructed rectangularly shaped so that contact with the tubes by passing the coolant is higher, and also the resistance to airflow is reduced pushed by fans. Speaking of fans, Cooler Master has also implemented a new model for this MasterLiquid Pro MasterFan called Pro Air Balance, which they have a better dissipate static pressure for more forceful way radiator heat.

Flow CM OP

The new Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 120 (with radiator 120 mm) will be available in the coming days at a price estimated to be around 90 euros (there will be different versions, because it may choose to come with fans AirFlow, Air Balance or Air Pressure) while MasterLiquid Pro 240 model will be priced at about 120 euros. For more information you can visit the manufacturer’s website.

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