Mediacom PhonePad Duo X520U

PhonePad X520U Mediacom is an Android smartphone to look valuable, which gives the feeling of a much more expensive than it really is.
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PRO: Design, thickness, weight, good ergonomics of use in spite of the dated SoC, dual-SIM and ability to install a microSD card without taking the SIM slot, removable battery.

Mediacom PhonePad Duo X520U 2

Mediacom PhonePad Duo X520U

AGAINST: Chip Mediatek dated, not LTE, does not have the NFC.

VERDICT: PhonePad X520U is very nice aesthetically and also lightweight, features not discounted price of about 180 Euros to which it is sold. Android is fast and agile, despite the chip Mediatek dated, and is also expected soon upgrade to Lollilop. Great for all those who are looking for a smartphone beautiful and unpretentious, at a limited cost.

Here is a product Mediacom able to differentiate the mass of smartphones cost. It’s called PhonePad Duo X520U, and first of all it’s nice to see and use. You can buy about 180 euro, does not excel in any specialty, but it is certainly able to attract attention.
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The PhonePad X520U is nice, too nice and well built. Of course we do not do comparisons meaningless with iPhone, Galaxy S6 or HTC One M8 / M9, we are always talking about a smartphone for less than 200 Euros, which is, however, able to provide a metal frame and a back surface machined plastic. The color gold, like it or not, it helps to communicate the idea of ​​precious object.

The thickness is only 6.85 mm, since it allows him to position itself between smartphones thinner commercially, and the same applies to the weight of only 123 grams.
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Mediacom X520U 07
Mediacom X520U 08

Mediacom X520U 06

The keys are virtual, inside the screen, while below there is a status LED. All buttons are placed in the right-hand edge, power and volume rocker, while the Micro USB port is on the bottom edge. The audio jack is instead in the upper.

The back cover is removed and allows you to replace the battery, install two SIM and Micro SD.
Technical specifications

Let’s see the technical specifications, a sore point for the most passionate, but it will affect less than all others. Under the shell there is a SoC Mediatek, an almost obvious choice in this price range. But this is a model of the previous generation, specifically the MT6592m, the first “real octa-core”, as described by Mediatek, consisting of eight core Cortex-A7 working at full speed to 1.4 GHz.

Performance aside, that despite positioning Ranked in the back does not affect much the ergonomics of use (see below), the main flaw of this choice is the lack of compatibility with the LTE network. Mediatek chips of new generation integrate a 4G modem, something that today is considered necessary by the industry, but the final decision is up to you.
Mediacom X520U 14

You need high speed internet on your smartphone? The answer is no, when you want to use email, social networking or instant messaging applications, that is what makes the majority of users. Nevertheless, today we must report this failure as a defect because in the same price range there are product updates, but not all will be just a limitation purchase. It is a model dual-SIM (DSDS), a Micro and the other classical.

The allocation of RAM is 1 GB, while the storage space inside is 16 GB (about 13 user available), with the option to expand the memory up to an additional 32 GB via MicroSD. The screen is a model OLED 5 “, 720p. Together with a sensor package basis, we find the Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0 and aGPS not lacking. The battery is a model to 2050 mAh.

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