MediaTek Helio X30 Deca Core

The deca-core MediaTek Helio X20 and X25 are beginning to peep on the market in the smartphone a certain level, such as Meizu Pro 6, Meizu MX6 and Vernee Apollo Lite, but the Taiwanese manufacturer is already working on the next Top-Of-chip range.

Just as the SoC that preceded it, MediaTek Helio X30 will be a deca-core, but should offer better performance computing, greater energy efficiency and network connectivity. And according to the statement by Zhu Shangzu, COO – Chief Operating Officer of Mediatek, in an interview all’EET there would be another important difference: Helio X30 will be the first processor to 10 nm of the company, a big step forward Whereas all developed to date by MediaTek chips using a manufacturing process to 28nm or 16nm, and this move could bring significant improvements in performance and energy savings.

MediaTek Helio X30 Deca Core

The new processor will also feature a more advanced modems, enabling support of multiple broadband networks, and be able to handle up to 8GB of RAM LPDDR4 and UFS 2.1 storage. MediaTek has also confirmed the shift from ARM Mali graphics to the PowerVR Series 7. At the moment we do not know the production and availability times, but we are sure that the first devices equipped with this chip will hit the market in 2017.
No sign yet of MediaTek Helio X22, similar to Helio X20 processor but with a higher operating frequency (at least for some of the core). We talked about exactly a year ago, but since then we did not have more information, then we do not exclude that the Taiwanese company decides to release it next year as high-end SoC, next to MediaTek X30.

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