MediaTek SoC Helio X12

MediaTek single chip systems are gaining more and more popularity. After the SoC Helio X10, many began to produce on the basis of this platform is really the flagship device.
But competitors are not standing still. For example, in the very near future, the market should reach 620 SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon focused on the middle segment, but offers impressive performance. MediaTek, according to the source, prepares to respond to the release of the platform Helio X12.

MediaTek SoC Helio X12

While no reliable data on the decision no. But rumors say that it will be an improved version of Helio X10. The novelty will receive the same eight core Cortex-A53, but the rate will rise to 2.25 GHz. GPU PowerVR GX6250 will operate at 750 MHz. From the rest are support LPDDR3 memory at up to 933 MHz modem LTE Cat.6, support for USB 3.0 C, the new image processor, and a 15% lower power consumption due to the 28-nanometer process technology HPC +. Due to a similar design manufacturers can cost-effectively replace their old smartphones to the new SoC.
When should I expect to see Helio X12, is still unknown. But we can assume that between the announcement of the platform and the appearance of the first devices with this SoC will take a little time.

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