Meizu Pro 6S

Meizu Pro 5 may be the last true top of the range of well-known smartphone maker. As we saw in fact, during the course of this year, the Chinese giant has adopted much of the past MediaTek solutions for recent Pro 6 and MX6, without ever really penetrate the market of the “big” as he managed to do thanks to Pro 5 ‘good chip Exynos 7420.

The rumors of recent weeks had hinted that Meizu was in proncinto to present a new smartphone with inside just a Exynos 8890, one of the last of the SoC Korean house. However, by taking action on Chinese social, the Vice President himself said that what we will see probably during this month will be just a “slight improvement” of the Meizu Pro 6.

Later this year we will not see the presentation of a new top of the range Meizu, but at the end of October is expected to be unveiled Pro 6S carrying probably one of the latest MediaTek chips, Helio P20, which will take the place the last Helio Helio X20 and X25.

As it regards a possible Meizu Pro 7, if they only speak from 2017.

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