Microsoft Cortana

A year ago Cortana learn Italian, and although our language is considered one of the most difficult by foreigners, had been a child’s play in comparison with the challenge facing today the voice assistant of Microsoft. After a test phase in which a beta version of the Android app could be downloaded by volunteers, Cortana was publicly released on the app store for Android and iOS.
Before Cortana was an integral part of the Windows desktop or mobile, but now can be installed as a standalone application with a number of practical advantages. At least in versions for Windows and Android as the first users who have tried the app for iOS complain about his lack of usefulness and effectiveness mainly due to some limitations imposed by Apple developers.

Microsoft Cortana

Android opposite the first comments are extremely positive especially for the opportunity to continue to perform the same task on multiple platforms or operating remote phone features. For example, if you have Cortana installed on your smartphone you can receive on your notebook or desktop Windows 10 a notification of a missed call and send an SMS directly from the PC response.
Screenshot of Cortana for iOS
For the moment this “collaboration” would be limited solely to Cortana and not invest other Microsoft services and applications may be installed on your smartphone, but Marcus Ash, Group Program Manager of Cortana, anticipates that these new features could be implemented in the future.
Another limitation to the Cortana app for Android and iOS stems from its intrinsic nature: this is not an integral part of the operating system as is the case for Windows 10, the features of the app will never be as large and advanced. One obstacle that could be bypassed with an operating system completely open as Cyanogen OS, and Microsoft has announced that it will release a version of the app Cortana enhanced specially modified for the stock version of Cyanogen Mod preinstalled on the smartphone OnePlus One.
Owners of OnePlus One can use the voice command “Hey Cortana” to order the assistant voice to change settings or turn off the phone. The same user experience from the app Cortana is therefore very diverse, depending on the device on which it is installed but regardles from this aspect that some might interpret as a weakness, it is rather clear signal of confidence and strength that launched Microsoft releasing his voice assistant software platforms competitors.

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