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Microsoft is a second step towards businesses, reminding those who have Windows 10 that there is a novelty for the new Microsoft Edge. The browser has replaced the old Internet Explorer, for becoming, in the sights of Microsoft, the alternative to Chrome and Firefox. Microsoft has officially stated that Microsoft Edge would have an extra gear, which allow the browser to eliminate the danger due to almost 90% of malware around. The
Windows 10: Microsoft finally removes the intrusive popup

system would be based on Microsoft Edge and Windows Defender Application Guard, whose version base is already present in Windows 10. The improved version, which will allow Microsoft to make the leap, will be available in 2017. How does this protection similar to an antivirus? According to Microsoft, the malware (or most of them), are set in motion inside the computer because your browser does not have a block or container space to stop them.

Thanks to the protective system Windows Defender Application Guard, Microsoft Edge creates precisely
this container, where the malware can be disabled without they spread around the PC. The system obviously can not cover 100% of viruses around, but the evidence shows It could give excellent results.
The rumors say that Microsoft is also considering an enhanced version of Defender designed to
businesses and those operating in the financial sector. The only thing certain is that Microsoft has already
updated security measures for Office 365 and this is already a first signal in view of new and
important developments online

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