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Microsoft for around four years brings with Office 2016 for Mac for the first time a new version of Office for Apple’s OS X operating system on the market. After several months of public beta testing the final version of Office 2016 for Mac is now available exclusively for Office 365 subscribers to download. In the fall of 2015 as well as a retail edition will come in the retail industry.

Office 2016 for Mac is made up of the programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook. However, OneNote and Outlook 2016 for Mac could be a bit longer purchased as separate apps. When you first launch the new Mac applications from Microsoft immediately noticeable that the Redmond software giant, a good compromise is visually managed from the OS X look and Yosemite with the Office 2013 embarked for Windows Office Design. For the new office package Microsoft is fully object-oriented programming Cocoa, all programs are optimized for Retina displays and there are Mac-typical features like full screen mode support. Furthermore, Office 2016 for Mac store documents in various cloud storage, enabling the device and platform-overarching synchronization of content. In addition, the option is offered to collaborate with other users, even if they use for example the Windows or iPad version.

As already indicated, office users who are familiar with Office 2013 for Windows are likely to quickly familiar with Office 2016 for Mac. Highlights of the new version of Word include an improved commenting and a navigation screen that facilitates the management of large documents. Excel 2016 for Mac can now be available with the same keyboard shortcuts to use as the Windows edition, which is helpful of course, especially for people who use the two platforms alternately. The new version of PowerPoint for example, waits on a timer function and brings new animations and a revised presentation mode.

To now get hold immediately after the download of Office 2016 for Mac a subscription to Office 365 is required. Microsoft requires for Office 365 Home currently 10 euros per month, which allows the installation of any version of Office on up to five computers. In addition, five tablets and five smartphones with the current Office apps (Android and iOS) can be supplied. If not as many licenses are required, Microsoft also offers a subscription for 7 euros per month, in which then only on a respective device type is to install a version of Office available.
In addition to the new Office for Mac Microsoft is also preparing the launch of a new Office edition for Windows. Office 2016 for Windows can be the moment to test a preview version for free and will be released in autumn 2015 final version

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