Microsoft Surface Dial

Surface Dial is an accessory for the tablet Surface Pro and Surface Pro 4, for hybrid notebook Surface Book and the expected desktop all-in-one Surface Studio, which will give you the opportunity to interact with these touch devices in a whole new. It is not very expensive, indeed: is already pre-order for $ 99.99 with shipping as of November 10, but will be bundled with the AIO also because some features will only be available on this computer.
But what is it? Dial surface has various functions, closely linked to the software you are using, but in essence it is a new “revolutionary” input device for Surface. Besides the mouse, the keyboard, the touchpad, the touch and the Surface Pen display, you can use Dial to shortcuts and other controls when browsing the web or using applications for graphics and multimedia content.

Surface Dial

It will be possible to place Surface Dial next to the device, just like a mouse, but when it rests directly on the screen of a Surface Studio will add other specific functions in a variety of applications. For example, can replace a ruler or a color picker. The interaction with a capacitive touch display, however, seems to be a feature reserved exclusively for Surface Studio. Microsoft says that Surface Dial, being launched, will be able to: adjust the volume while listening to a music track, scroll a website, zoom and dezoomare in Windows Maps and offer other features in the app such as Paint, Photos, Sketchpad and other graphics programs. Currently, there are about 16 applications supported by Surface Dial but it is likely that the list will grow, and among these there Office (considered as a single app) which already includes Word, PowerPoint and Excel, then the list is already longer than you might think. There is also support for OneNote.


Dial surface measuring 59 x 30 mm and weighs about 145 grams with two AAA batteries, which should provide up to one year of autonomy assuming 4 hours of use per day. The “communicates” with the Surface via a Bluetooth Low Energy Module. We wish to clarify that despite Dial is optimized for the latest Surface, can also be used on any PC with Bluetooth switched on and the operating system Windows 10 Anniversary Update (or better) but do not expect the complete feature set

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