Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft continues to expand its line of Surface: After the tablets and notebooks, it is the turn of the desktop PC all-in-one. It’s called Surface Studio and is – as the name suggests – a high-performance machine designed for graphics professionals, almost in tune with the next release of Windows 10 that will have the name “Creators Update.” And ‘an expensive computer, and not accessible to all: Surface Studio is already pre-order starting from $ 2,999 and will be available at Microsoft Store in the world for all those who want to see it live before you buy it. The shipments will start from December 15, but initially in limited quantities.

 Surface Studio

Surface Studio is wasted on those who use the PC only for surfing the Internet and watching some videos on YouTube, but “those horses in more than” are convenient power to those who edit videos and graphics or anyone using heavy tools and applications to work as engineers , architects, designers. Studio also supports from ink and has a hinge that allows you to move the screen AIO making it flat for writing and drawing without using a mouse and keyboard. There is also support for a new accessory, called Surface Dial, which is positioned next to or on the display to interact in a new way with the AIO but also with other Surface, including Surface Book, 3 Surface Pro and Surface Pro 4.

Surface Studio has a display PixelSense touch 28-inch (4500 x 3000 pixels) in size 3: 2, often only 1.3 mm and with 192 PPI, for a total of 13.5 million pixels, and is housed in a frame aluminum measuring just 12.5 millimeters thick. No coincidence Panos Panay of Microsoft refers to it as the thinnest created desktop monitor to date, but what strikes of Surface Studio is its accuracy: the AIO has what Redmond calls “True Scale” screen, where an inch on the screen is equivalent to a real inch. There will be no need to edit a Word document, after seeing the print, because what you will see on the screen will be virtually identical to what you’ll see on the printed sheet.
The computer is powered by a processor (up to) Intel Core i7 with Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M, it supports up to 32GB of RAM and 2TB of storage space. On board there are mini DisplayPort, Ethernet, one microSD card slot, audio jack and three USB 3.0 ports. In the basic characteristics are not lacking two stereo speakers and a 270 watt power supply. Surface Study course will run on Windows 10 and will use the voice assistant Cortana potential, Windows Hello and wireless Xbox controller.

Surface Studio

The basic version, ie the one that costs $ 2,999, offers an Intel Core i5 (Skylake), 8GB of RAM and 1TB of storage with Nvidia GeForce GTX 965m. If you opt for the model with Core i7 and 16GB of RAM, you’ll have to shell out $ 3,499, while the more expensive version from $ 4,199 includes a Core i7, 32GB of RAM, 2TB of storage and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M.

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