Mini-PC fanless Giada F200

We had occupied Jade F200 during our overview of new mini-PC presented by Chinese House at Computex 2015, and already we had hit for its compact design that conveys a feeling of solidity and durability. But while other products that our roundup, as the first mini-PC Intel Skylake Giada i80, hit the market in a few months, Giada F200 is already available in Europe and, of course, also in Italy.

It is the third mini-PC fanless Jade, in chronological terms, after models F100D and F300, and like its predecessors mainly caters to a professional target if not industrial. It can be used in two areas typical for machines Giada, that of digital signage and that of industrial applications, but the main vocation of Giada F200 is to serve as a thin client.

Applications used within the modern industrial plants are used often through thin clients, even in virtualized mode via the Cloud. Thin clients are machines equipped with a hardware elementary that depend almost exclusively from a host computer (the server) as regards the computational part. They are often part of larger infrastructures, where many clients share their computing power with a single centralized server. They are simpler to manage and this results in maintenance costs and reduced assembly operation for the company.

Giada F200 was developed exactly for this purpose, as a complete thin client solution that can help reduce the costs of management and implementation, while ensuring a more durable life cycle than traditional PCs. This result is closely related to the nature of the fanless Giada F200: the fan is noisy but it is also a mechanical component that requires periodic maintenance and, since Giada F200 does not have a magnetic HDD, the system is less susceptible to wear and therefore more durable.

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