Minix Neo V2 hub USB-C for Macbook

Along with a promising line of mini computers News on Windows 10, the company Minix showed at IFA 2015 another brilliant idea: a USB hub Type C dedicated to the new Apple Macbook data sheet, the 12-inch model that has courageously sacrificed the usual ports are always present on laptops apple to make way for a single, unique thin door and reversible.

Minix Neo V2 hub USB-C for Macbook

But there is a problem: we are still early with time for such a move, and the Macbook this year has generated much criticism for this gesture. Apple offers, fortunately, an adapter that brings the classic physical connectivity (HDMI, USB classic …) also on its new ultraportable, but it is a small component that most did not convince everyone, both for the price for functionality.

So that’s part of the game Minix. The hub Neo V2 is proposed as an alternative to the adapter original, well made and potentially more functional. Unlike dall’adattore original, it is offering only three poor connectivity (HDMI, USB classic and Type-C), the Minix Neo V2 offers video output (there are two separate models with VGA and HDMI), two USB 3.0 classic, a Ethernet port and an SD card reader, as well as another Type-C for charging the Macbook.
Among other things, the Minix Neo V2 is designed with excellent taste: a product is small, fits snugly in your hand, it brings in your pocket.

In addition, the metallic coating is the same color of Macbook, making it even more pleasant throughout. The price of Minix Neo V2, which should arrive in October, will amount to € 89. They are ten euro more Adapter Apple, but the features offered are considerably more numerous. We would have preferred a lower price than the original adapter (would give really a serious shock to Apple), but even so the offer is very attractive.

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