Mint Instaflex TL 70 2.0

Fans of snapshots are in luck with the arrival of the camera MiNT Instaflex TL70 2.0, which is the main feature of making the TLR snapshots become a reality, offering quality and some new features compared to previous models such as the viewfinder brighter.

Mint Instaflex TL 70 2.0


The MiNT Instaflex 2.0 TL70 is a camera Twin Lens Reflex instant that differs from other cameras snapshot to incorporate a target of three elements and a five-blade iris. All this is accompanied by a flash for photographer always have the appropriate level of lighting in each catch.

However, in situations where the user needs a long exposure, the camera offers other possibilities such as activating the B mode to take pictures under these conditions without problems.

Mint Instaflex 70 TL 2.0, the new way of doing snapshots
The camera also introduces another set of characteristics as incorporating the display is brighter and the shutter mechanism is more smooth and precise as the iris has been added.

Other interesting features and appreciate many of the instant photography fans are the small photometer and compatibility with all Fuji Instax Mini sheets.


Aside from performance, this aspect is one of the most striking of the company, as it has a retro lines, reminiscent of the cameras of yesteryear, combining elements of the cameras that were used for chemical photography, but also somewhat reminiscent of the traditional snapshot.

Price and Availability

The MiNT Instaflex TL70 2.0 is available through the official points of sale and authorized signature, as well as through the website of the brand and major sales portals on the Internet. The price is around 300 euros approximately.

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