Misfit Ray

Although still very young, the field of fitness tracker has matured rapidly breaking down in some cases, the thin line that divides it from smartwatch. Many manufacturers have decided to add such features as fitness trackers to their devices (especially smartwatch, but recently also belts and headphones), but Misfit has always had a slightly different strategy: make smart accessories style. And the new Misfit Ray is no exception.

Does not have a screen, as other products Misfit, and is worn just keeps walking, quality of sleep and other activities. Its design is very special: it has a circular body as Misfit Shine and Flash, but cylindrical aluminum so that you can wear on your wrist like a bracelet or neck like a necklace. Ray is perfectly matched with watches, bracelets and other jewelery, and with a diameter of only 12 mm and a length of 38 mm, the form factor slim, clean lines, make it extraordinarily ergonomic. In short, it seems not to have it.
Misfit Ray
Turning to hardware, Misfit Ray has a 3-axis accelerometer for motion tracking, vibration alerts, and a multicolor LED that can also provide visual feedback. When paired to the smartphone, Misfit Ray synchronizes data and become a band for notifications: flashes or vibrates for incoming calls or SMS, or to remember an appointment. The smartband resistant to 50 meters deep in the water and uses a removable battery, non-rechargeable battery that can last for at least 6 months

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