Misfit Speedo Shine 2

Misfit and Speedo announced today Speedo Shine 2, the second Activity, Swim and Sleep Tracker built by Misfit with brand Speedo. Result of a longstanding collaboration between Misfit and Speedo, Speedo Shine 2 is available from today on the official websites of Misfit Speedo and priced at 119.99 euro.

Speedo Shine 2 is the successor of Speedo Shine, the first device of its kind specifically designed for swimmers. The algorithm lap counters owner of Speedo and Misfit is able to count the number of basins with an accuracy unparalleled in the industry and it works for all styles. Made of anodized aluminum, Speedo Shine 2 is waterproof up to 50 meters. Even thinner than its predecessor, Speedo Shine 2 is designed to be worn in and out of the water, and also monitors walking, running and cycling, in addition to light sleep and deep.
Misfit Speedo Shine 2

Speedo Shine 2 never needs to be recharged, because it uses a button battery can power it up to 6 months. E ‘it equipped with a vibration motor, and 12 multi-color LED (reproduce more than 16 million colors and are visible even in direct sunlight), which allow you to return multiple feedback to the user – review of progress and time display through colored lights, or reminder of activities to increase their motivation. And, thanks to the timer for swimming, you can choose a time limit for the workout that you will be notified by vibration to the wrist.
Speedo Shine 2 synchronizes with the Misfit app for iOS and Android, showing the number of tanks and distance, calories burned, and in addition to the points raised, notifications for messages and calls and silent alarm.

Compatible with Misfit Link, a revolutionary software Misfit, Speedo Shine 2 is more of an activity tracker – is a real remote control that allows users to connect with the world around them, to communicate with friends, turn on the lights, control your music, take a selfie, and more, with three simple touches. The device is also compatible with Speedo Fit, the app Speedo swim custom tracking, to visualize even the smallest details about their swimming activity. Speedo Shine 2 incorporates the most advanced software and firmware Misfit, to ensure better sensitivity of the capacitive touch technology, faster synchronization, and longer range Bluetooth.
In addition, it will also make available on Misfit Misfit Ray appliances and Misfit Shine 2 the advanced technology and Speedo swim Misfit tracking and counting the tank through an in-app purchase, at a cost of $ 9.99 (prices will be available on the premises’ app store). Thanks to this update in future, the Misfit users to enhance and customize their app experience based on the activities and functions to which they are most interested.

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