Motorola Moto X Style

The Motorola Moto X Style was presented in July this year for a large majority of markets. In fact, it is available globally. Today we learned that the Motorola company, now owned by Lenovo, has launched the upgrade to Android 6.0 for this team. It will thus be one of the first to enjoy all the advantages of the package called Marshmallow. The company itself has indicated that the deployment has already begun in many European countries, the UK being the first in the list. This means that if the forecasts are not twisted and have a Motorola Moto X Style in your pocket, the upgrade to Android 6.0 should reach you in the coming days or weeks. But do you know why this update is important and how you should install it on your device? Below, we give you the keys.


The Motorola Moto X users to install Android 6.0 Style enjoy, first, a lot more security and stability. Not surprisingly, all updates (and this is no exception) bring a lot corrections. But this package is that data have also added other important developments. For example, we have to talk about the project Doze, a tool that will help users to save battery power by turning off all those programs and services that are not being used. We would also like to highlight the new permit system for applications (much more comfortable and safe), Google Now On Tap (to have all the information you need at any accessible computer screen) and support for Android Pay to make online payments .

And what do I do if I have a Motorola Moto X Style? How I can update it? What we recommend is patiently waiting for the notice. Chances are that in the coming days, be entrusted to notify you of a pending update Motorola company itself. If not, remember that you can also check the availability of the data package manually, by accessing the Settings> About phone> Updates.


Finally, remember that the update is done via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air). This means you do not need to connect your phone to your computer. You can do it through the air, but keep in mind the following:

You have to charge your device to the max, or at least up to 50% of capacity. This is important to avoid unexpected blackouts.
Connect to a WiFi wireless network that can provide stability. Note that this type of data packets are quite heavy.
If you have not already, it enables backup to safely store all your files and important settings. You should also take a look at the internal memory you have free, because it will be necessary that you have enough space.

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