MSI Computex Taipei is the perfect opportunity to showcase new gaming PC Aegis series, desktop with very small measures, but by no means give up computing power. These product line joins the already known line Nightblade pursuing the philosophy from compact gaming PC, but using a much more aggressive design than their predecessors. Currently on the market there are two models, Aegis and Aegis X, which differ in the performance of the components embedded in the houses. Aesthetically are identical, but the X version is equipped with the new flagship NVIDIA 1080 GTX and liquid cooling system, while the smooth version refers to the 900 series GPU We tried the latter, less powerful but still able to guarantee experience more than satisfactory game with the Intel i7 processor and GeForce GTX 970.


twittalo! MSI launches a new line of gaming desktop PC with reduced size: Aegis
What initially strikes Aegis is the unusual design and detail of the houses, which almost looks like a boxy monolith leaning sideways on a pedestal. In fact the choice of a so atypical design is dictated by the need to find new ways to limit the temperature rise in a house so small, where all components are crammed into a small space and the output air flows assume a ‘ fundamental importance to maintain high performance. MSI MSI Aegis Aegis The solution of the MSI engineers was therefore to isolate the power supply from the rest of the components, stipandolo in the lower part of the body while the rest is placed in the upper zone. In this way the system from the heat produced is pushed out by the fan dedicated without coming in contact with the video card and processor, that thus enjoy a clean air flow to maintain temperatures low. It is a very special houses but well studied: has a lower capacity to 20 liters and measuring 43 cm in length, 38 cm in height and about 17 cm in width, while remaining compact and easily transportable. In this sense, this greatly helps the handle in the upper part which makes it a perfect solution for frequent displacements also in case of LAN’s. These are not a problem also thanks to the excellent materials used for the chassis will protect the components without excessively increasing weight. In this sense, on the side in the area matching the video card it is a large mesh that allows to suck the outside air and cool the interior of the houses. On the front panel, in addition to the Start button, there is the DVD optical drive, a type C 3.1 USB port flanked by two traditional USB 2.0 and two 3.5 mm jack for entry to the flight of headphones and microphone, while the back are four more USB 3.1 ports and two 2.0, six audio jacks for external systems, ethernet port, un’HDMI and a Display port. For sound is can be up to 7 channels in high definition. On the front they are also present RGB LED to give more character to their homes, with the colors and lighting to be adjusted through the appropriate MSI Gaming Center software. The three fans, combined with the particular shape of the case and the arrangement of components ensures proper cooling of the system that even after several hours of game is confirmed practical and functional, with temperatures which are maintained fresh despite the intensive use. When they reach the full load, the fans remain silent, to not impact the enjoyment of the game. Temperatures are always under control with the CPU never exceeded 60 ° C at full load and the GTX 970 video card that is sailing almost ten degrees less. Positive consumption also supported by a power supply 80Plus Bronze 350W. Considering that you are using a video card with architecture Maxwell known for amazing efficiency coupled with a Skylake processor family, also improved in terms of energy expenditure, it goes without saying that no large amounts of energy are needed to quench the ‘ Aegis.

Under the hood the Aegis defended well despite the long shadow of his older brother thrown Aegis X. For this barebones was chosen the combination of Intel Core i7-6700 3.40 GHz processor, and the aforementioned NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970. but Use a sixth-generation processor Skylake means take advantage of all the improvements made by Intel to its latest architecture among which the new DDR4 memory at high speed. MSI MSI Aegis AegisNel model arrived in the newsroom attached to the motherboard with Intel chipset B150 were present 8 GB DDR4 RAM at 2133 MHz, but are supported up to 32 GB to be placed in only two slots available. The 1TB hard drive is flanked by a 128 GB SSD, but even then you can expand the memory with an additional 3.5-inch disk. Replacement and expansion of the memory operations are fairly immediate, thanks to the accessibility of housing slots that are placed under the body at the top of the PC. Likewise also the video card is easily accessible. The model chosen for the Aegis is obviously brand MSI, a GeForce GTX 970 4GB of GDDR5 video memory, 1102 MHz frequency which can reach up to 1241 MHz thanks to the performance boost. The cooling system uses the classic double proposal fan from the Taiwanese manufacturer, they have quietly and efficiently with the blades stop when the GPU is idle to minimize noise. Being a discrete video card in case there is room for future upgrades, even with the new models recently launched by the Santa Clara manufacturer, this aspect certainly among the most interesting of the MSI branded solutions that, despite its compact size, does not give up never give chance to its customers to put his hand hardware for future upgrades. Despite the arrival of the GTX 1070, the GTX 970 still remains a great video card with regard to the performance in Full HD, with in addition the full compatibility with the virtual reality viewers. With these premises, the temporal horizon of use is also quite long in relation to the most recent multiplatform productions unfortunately too often drawn downwards by the limited power of the console. Performance is very good, with recent titles like Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain who have not struggled to reach 60 frames per second in Full HD, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Project Cars and GTA V not they given details headache for this resolution. In addition there are also the MSI Gaming Center that control the performance of the video card in a fast, intuitive, and XSplit Gamecaster allows you to easily record your gaming experience and transmit it live on major online platforms.

Given the rather rapid decline of Steam Machine, pre assembled proposed by the various hardware manufacturers always assume greater significance in view of a market that in recent years has seen a steady expansion. MSI AegisIl world of PC gaming is growing also and above all driven by new technologies, be they virtual reality or higher than the FullHD resolution, and the new line of desktop gaming Aegis goes perfectly meet these requirements. The combination of the GeForce GTX 970 and Intel Core i7-6700 sixth-generation has proven good with regard to performance and fuel consumption, with both architectures particularly devoted to energy efficiency. Despite the arrival of a new family of NVIDIA video cards, the GTX 970 is a good solution for FullHD titles also ensuring a fair margin of time before thinking about a possible upgrade, easy to implement this option in Aegis. From this point of view, however, the increased penalty for the price of € 1,599.00, quite large now that with the new generation of video cards the old ones are bound to devaluation. However, MSI aims to those who want to get out of any talk about configurations, hardware and assembly, preferring to focus on solutions ready to be used when recovered from the box and connected to the electric current. From this point of view then the Aegis does its job, it is small, light, remains cool and quiet and provide years of play without having to even get off in significant compromises when used in Full HD, plus full compatibility with viewers virtual reality

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