MSI CPU GUARD 1151 CPU Skylake

In recent weeks, there was much discussion of Intel Skylake at risk of damage due to excessive pressure exerted by some heavy heat sinks. A problem that (fortunately) turned out to be less severe than expected (only some Scythe coolers are problematic) and that essentially involves only those who move the PC, perhaps to carry it to the LAN party, and is not very sensitive in this operation.

MSI CPU GUARD 1151 CPU Skylake

intel Skylake bent
MSI has however decided to rush to the aid of those who are afraid to run into this situation by creating CPU GUARD 1151, a solution that protects the socket LGA 1151 reinforcing the corners to support increased vertical pressure.

“In addition to protecting your processor, CPU GUARD 1151 is also a perfect tool for anyone who wants to uncover the CPU Skylake. When you reapply the CPU heatspreader design GUARD 1,151 blocks it firmly, ensuring that it stays in place. You will never have worry about the optimal thermal performance, or shall move. ”

msi CPUs guard 1151
MSI has recently explained that CPU GUARD 1151 was used during an event overclocking, helping top overclockers to push the processors Skylake maximum, setting new world records. In short, a good guarantee the utility and operation of this product. Unfortunately, the company did not disclose the price and availability.

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