MSI Gaming Z GTX 1070 and 1080

As the hardware vendor for more popular games in the world, MSI is proud to unleash the best graphics cards that work with the new kernel Pascal. Graphic highly exclusive MSI GeForce 1080 GTX Gaming 8G and Z MSI GeForce 1070 GTX Gaming Z 8G cards represent the absolute zenith in the Geforce GTX graphics cards personalized series 10. In the same way that Z is the last letter of the alphabet, it also represents the final form of the MSI Gaming graphics cards.

Using the award-winning heat sink design Twin Frozr Magnifca VI with cooling capacity allows Z Gaming graphics cards have clock speeds for both the core and the very high memory as carried outside the box. A completely new design custom printed circuit board uses Military Class 4 components with an 8-pin connector to other usual 6-pin to allow greater performance overclock serve to give maximum performance graphics card.

On the back it has added a backplate which is responsible for providing structural rigidity to torsion and have implemented a series of RGB LEDs that illuminate a shield design that can be programmed to represent the spirit that has the user when playing, at the same time to show off in front of other users with their own color schemes.

MSI Gaming Z GTX 1070 and 1080

To fully enjoy the amazing world of virtual reality hardware is required for high performance. The new graphics cards MSI Geforce 1080 GTX and 1070 Gaming Z provide the perfect performance for a virtual reality experience without problems. The MSI gamimg App now has a function to optimize the performance of the PC to make the experience as smooth and interesting as possible. MSI also introduces VR Boost Kit, which makes it easier to use VR to do all necessary to access VR on a single 5.25-inch front panel that is mounted on the front of the computer box connections.

The manufacturer has not reported what the price of these two new models of graphics cards, although we are sure that will be nothing cheap. Meanwhile, we leave the specifications of both graphs.

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