MSI Geforce GTX 1070 Quick Silver

MSI today announced its new graphics card high end, the Geforce GTX 1070 Quick Silver which, only judging by overclocks with from the factory, should stand for fair return below that is its flagship model, the Geforce 1070 Gaming X. the graphics card comes standard with two Bios, each of which carries within it two different profiles that can be changed by users when required the use of the card.

The new MSI Geforce GTX 1070 Quick Silver is characterized, at least aesthetically speaking, to use the same sink Twin Frozr VI but with the difference that where originally was decorated in red, has now employed a metallic color and LEDs that illuminate the sink are white, silver to continue the theme of the graph. However, both the sink and the Torx fans used are the same, which means that the latter will be inactive when the graph is on the desktop or doing multimedia activities that do not require much of the core. In short, below 60 ° C will remain detained until that temperature is exceeded. In this regard, MSI also includes a backplate made of silver, although I hope they have taken note of the problems that have temperature EVGA graphics with your own graphics and have done something to avoid.



For Gaming mode, the graph comes standard with a frequency of 1,518 MHz base clock and 1,708 MHz when the Boost mode is activated. These frequencies change when the BIOS is selected in OC mode, passing these to be 1,531 MHz base clock and 1,721 MHz when Boost is activated. Some fairly modest overclocks in my opinion because the frequency differences do not reach the 20 MHz … And there are wonderful against which brought the reference model from Nvidia with its Founders Edition, which has 1,506 MHz base frequency and 1,683 Boost MHz frequency. However, since it uses the Twin Frozr heatsink VI, I’m sure users will be able to get much more out of them if they use programs like MSI Afterburner.

Pricewise, MSI has not said anything but apparently seen, should be lower than the Geforce GTX currently they have 1070 Gaming X.

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