MSI Geforce GTX 1080 30th Anniversary Edition

To celebrate its 30th anniversary providing the best hardware to boost the computer industry, MSI has decided to make your party something really worthwhile. The manufacturer has thus introduced a limited edition of the 1080 GTX Nvidia Geforce with a liquid cooling solution manufactured by EK Water Blocks and apart from its traditional air heat sink.

Super performance with games of Nvidia Geforce 1080 GTX is ben known worldwide that keeps track of the latest releases of the computer industry and games. Thanks to its 8GB memory GDDR5X, the card can create the most detailed textures in 4K resolution without much effort. The MSI Geforce 1080 GTX 30th Anniversary Edition comes fully assembled configuration with a closed loop cooling liquid designed and manufactured by the renowned manufacturer of components EK Water Blocks cooling liquid which is covered by warranty and no maintenance. The rear plate incorporated in the card not only provides additional resistance to the graph, but also remind players how much has been able MSI to get into this industry since the anniversary year the company has excelled printed on the back of the card.


The base clock speed of the graphics card limited edition is set to 1721MHz, while the Boost clock rate rises to 1860MHz. There are a total of three DisplayPort ports, an HDMI and a DVI-D connector. Since its form factor is slim, it also means that users will be able to accommodate a multi-GPU solution into the box, but since the radiator of this solution is quite thick, it is possible that this could be a impediment to doing so.

MSI has not provided the price will this graphics card, but since it is a special edition (and rather limited in units according to our information), I do not think the word “cheap” will be associated with it. Most likely it ends its price hovering around € 1,000 when you start marketing in Spain, so it will more than anything else as an object rather well collecting for users deep pockets.

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