At Computex 2016, MSI had shown us his first backpack-PC called “MSI VR Backpack”, a computer that you wore in the shoulder equipped with Core i7 (Skylake), GeForce GTX 980, and 24-cell battery, but apparently the ‘Taiwanese company was already working on the next generation. By partnering with VIVE team of HTC Corporation, MSI presented VR One at the Tokyo Game Show 2016.

This is also a “backpack-PC” but much lighter and thinner than the previous one with a more updated and powerful hardware configuration. The principle is always the same: eliminating the limitations of cables and giving freedom of movement to the user, MSI VR One will bring enormous benefits in the experience of virtual reality. It will also be available in Italy from October, but at the time the company did not disclose the sale price.

With a weight below 3.6 kg and two batteries included, the new MSI PC “wearable” is able to offer up to an hour and a half of play at the highest level. Then it has overclocked CPU and the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX Series 10, enabling him to give unique emotions and comfort, thanks to the efficient and quiet cooling system. MSI VR One is different from any other product on the market for futuristic design, quality of materials used, the extremely low weight, long range and the ability to make even the hot-swap batteries.

Characterized by a really futuristic look, MSI VR One has two batteries, positioned respectively at the bottom left and right of the backpack which, if removed, carry the weight of the backpack to just 2.2 Kg. Considering that it is a PC stand alone, MSI VR One is even lighter than some notebooks for gaming, while providing two batteries that can be alternated to ensure hours and hours of non-stop fun.

Optimized for HTC VIVE, MSI VR One is equipped with an HDMI port, a Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3 ultra-speed type C and supports higher bandwidth to handle viewers equipped with two 2K ​​display. The wide and full complement of ports ensures an experience of VR over 90FPS, meeting the required of any high-end VR device. It also has four USB 3.0 ports to connect additional external devices.

For its MSI VR One features it is also an excellent solution for B2B and developers in the field of VR, which will especially appreciate the ability to create a virtual environment without the traditional limits and to be able to demonstrate VR content in a simple and wherever they want.

The secret weapon that allows MSI VR One of ensuring long virtual reality sessions in quietest and without overheating of any kind is its advanced cooling system. The latter consists of two fans 9 cm ultra blade and nine heat pipe, which together allow the new proposal of MSI to be particularly silent and keep sound emissions below 41dBA. The only sounds are, therefore, those from the viewer for the VR, allowing you to immerse yourself in virtual reality even at night without disturbing anyone.

MSI VR One is designed to ensure the highest possible standards VR HMD on the move, then, in addition to having two hot-swappable batteries, is also equipped with indicators with four white lights to stay informed on the state of charge: if all four indicators are illuminated the battery is between 75% and IL100%, if there are three is between 75% and 50%, if two 2 between 50% and 25%, while if to be illuminated is only an indicator it means that the charge is less than 25%. When it flashes, the charge is going to end, so you can switch to the second battery and continue using MSI VR One before having to use the power supply, which is also able to operate the system without batteries .
MSI VR One is equipped with the latest version of the software “MSI Dragon Center”, which provides access to the VR by the “1 Click VR” option allows you to manage the hardware with your smartphone, including the unique features of gaming MSI. The SHIFT technology allows, instead, to bring the performance and the speed of the fan to the maximum to ensure the best possible experience of VR.

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