MSI X99A Workstation Quadro SLI

MSI, the leading brand in the design and manufacture of motherboards, proudly announces the first motherboard throughout the distribution channel that has passed the demanding tests of Nvidia certifying its next model MSI X99A Workstation, as capable of supporting the SLI when it graphics cards Quadro professional range, the couple who has obtained the VR SLI certification, which certifies that the plate can be used for content creation high-end thanks to its incredible rendering power used.

MSI X99A Workstation Quadro SLI

On the other hand, the next MSI X99A Stell Armor Workstation adopts optimized technology and PCI Express slots location, so that a perfect stability and ensures compatibility when connecting graphics cards into their slots. The Steel Armor technology in MSI X99A Workstation provides considerably more welding points on the printed circuit board so that a force majeure, while protecting the PCIe signals against electromagnetic interference for a performance and stability problems obtained during heavy tasks.

MSI X99A Workstation 01

SLI technology to Nvidia Quadro enables a workstation professional the ability to use multiple graphics cards in a fully optimized manner. Professionals using SLI technology can leverage the use of multiple graphics cards to increase dynamically graphics performance, while the image quality is improved, the display space is wider than the designer you can see through his or her monitors and assemble a fully virtualized system. In addition, through a rigorous testing and certification process, certified platforms provide unmatched stability and maximum compatibility in hardware for professional use, something that is essential in the business and professional environment. The VR SLI technology provides higher performance for virtual reality applications where multiple graphics cards can be assigned to a specific eye to dramatically accelerate rendering in stereo. With the API affinity GPU, SLI VR technology enables scalability for systems with more than two graphics cards with no incompatibilities and undesirable yield losses

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