MSI Z170A Gaming M6

MSI is proud to announce the new motherboard Z170A GAMING M6 for players who need to get all the performance to your computer while playing. Premiering two new important features, Lightning USB and the new generation network card Killer, the Z170A GAMING M6 adopts an evil gray as the combination of primary colors, which gives a whole new look.

The traditional controller ASMedia 1142 USB 3.1 on current motherboards is connected using either PCIe Gen2 x2 (10 Gb / s) or Gen3 x1 (8Gb / s), which limits the transfer rate of USB 3.1 2nd Generation (10 Gb / s). MSI is now the first manufacturer to present the first motherboard to install the new controller chip Lightning ASMedia 2142 for USB 3.1 Gen2 works using PCIe Gen3 x2 (16 Gb / s), which is twice as fast as the current generation of drivers . Combined with MSI unique technology Up Speed ​​USB, there is no USB 3.1 solution currently on the market faster Gen2. The PCIe Gen3 connection will also help greatly increase the speed of transfer when two USB 3.1 Gen2 devices are used at the same time. The MSI GAMING Z170A M6 comes with USB 3.1 interface Gen 2 Type A and Type C.
MSI Z170A Gaming M6 3

MSI Z170A Gaming M6 2
Lightning ASMedia 2142

In the words of Chewei Lin, President of ASMedia:

“To get the best user experience and to achieve the highest data transfer speeds via USB 3.1 Gen2, ASMedia Technology Inc. worked closely with the manufacturer MSI boards to develop and test the new USB driver ASM 2142 ultra-high speed. Adjusted and optimized for MSI GAMING plates are authorized to use the latest and best technology to design the perfect hardware, while giving the opportunity to optimize the driver at the same ASMedia time and MSI are setting the level to reach as speed data transfer over USB. ”
MSI Gaming Z170A M6 01

Thanks to MSI’s long association with the developer Rivet Networks, the Z170A GAMING M6 will feature the next generation of technology to ensure Killer Networking the players that MSI will always be one step ahead of your competition. Details on this new technology will be officially unveiled later this month.

GAMING motherboard Z170A M6 is compatible with high-performance SSD M.2 with support for RAID NVMe and well. Through M.2 Genie function in the Bios, players can easily build a RAID to start the computer or to play speeding up the loading speed in the game.

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