Netgear Arlo Q Plus

Netgear has introduced the video surveillance camera Arlo Q Plus. The new model is a Q version of Arlo oriented use for small professional activities. Video is recorded in Full HD with 30 frames per second and cover a 130 ° field of view. Connectivity includes Wi-Fi dual-band, an Ethernet port and the ability to leverage the PoE (Power over Ethernet) with the cable supplied. You can then connect and power the camcorder using a single Ethernet cable.

The videos can be stored on a MicroSD or cloud (is offered a free space of 1GB). Arlo Q Plus can record continuously (24/7) and runs the audio in both directions. You can then communicate remotely from your smartphone, tablet, computer or using the application Arlo. Other features include the magnetic media, desktop and wall and night vision.

Netgear Arlo Q Plus  2

Netgear Arlo Q Plus

Pat Collins, vice president of Smart Home Products NETGEAR, said:

 With Arlo Q Plus, our goal is to provide SMEs with an easy to install and use, from the excellent price / performance ratio, which gives them the guarantee to protect and monitor your business at any time and without additional expenses . The camera also has the advantage of enabling many customizations, distinctive value essential for small businesses for which NETGEAR has developed, of course, technology. And ‘possible, for example to enable the recording option No-stop, set particular areas on which you want to have a constant control and much more.
Arlo Q Plus is available online with prices ranging between 250 and 280 Euro

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