Niantic confirms how to catch legendary Pokemon

Fever ‘Pokemon GO’ threatens to never stop climbing. According to a report released yesterday by Survey Monkey, a popular marketing tool, and is the most downloaded mobile game and played in the history of the United States. Specifically 21 million users are connected to American giant servers Niantic, one million more than those who played Candy Crush. And that moment. But the thing is not there, no.

Niantic confirms how to catch legendary Pokemon

Sensor Tower, another firm specializing in marketing, has announced that mobile users spend more time playing day ‘Pokemon GO’ that are connected to your Facebook. You may even Mark Zuckerberg is hanging around the offices of the social network trying to capture some rare pokemon like a ‘Scyther’.

Meanwhile the company has used to rub your hands and take a discreet campaign ‘trickle down’ news to keep us (yes, plural) hooked to the phenomenon. For example it has confirmed the release date of the two new games for Nintendo devices, which take name Pokemon Pokemon Sun and Moon. It will be released on November 23 and these are the two new legendary. Horrible, if you ask me.

Niantic confirms how to catch legendary Pokemon in “Pokemon GO ‘
Although what really matters is the latest news that has published the study. It has confirmed that there will be legendary pokemons in the new augmented reality game. Be the original 5; ie the three legendary birds (Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres) and Mewto and Mew (Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi the Pokemon universe).

The way to catch them is going to be event-driven. Do you remember that epic trailer in which a lot of people thronged Times Square to capture Mewto? For something is the idea that the study proposes. We assume that saving the differences in terms of showmanship, of course. The company has also warned the players who come prepared to these events, with a hefty supply of ‘pokeballs’ and others as they capture a legendary not going to be easy.

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