Nikon D3400

Nikon officially today the introduction of the D3400, a new entry-level SLR camera designed to take the place of the D3300. A distinctive feature is the presence of Bluetooth low energy module that allows you to maintain an always-on connection with your smartphone, enabling transfer photos using the SnapBridge software. This feature makes the first entry level SLR with SnapBridge support that made its debut on the much more expensive Nikon D500. All the images captured by the camera (reduced to the size of 2 megapixels) will be automatically transferred after one setup, relieving the user from the need to proceed to the coupling for each transfer.

Nikon D3400

Jordi Brinkman, Product Manager for Nikon Europe says:

The D3400 is a valuable addition to the popular series of Nikon D3000. It is equipped with the exclusive high-end Nikon DSLR technology, but still ensuring ease of use characteristic of the cameras for beginners. In particular, the constant connection provided by SnapBridge allows you to experience the feeling of “real” photography and to maintain the usual connectivity with smartphones
Nikon D3400
To be specified, in any case, that the SnapBridge functions were transposed in smaller quantities in D3400 due to the absence of Wi-Fi connectivity. Specifically, the functions not related to photography Remote will be available via smartphone, the transfer of still images in the original format and transferring movies.

Beyond the function just described, the Nikon D3400 provides a discrete series of refinements over the previous model, while not renew it substantially: the sensitivity now covers the range between 100 and ISO 25600, the autonomy was improved – 1200 shots on a single charge is the declared value (with Bluetooth switched off), while the weight was further reduced: the body only arrested the bar of the balance to 395 grams. There is also a renewed Mode Guide that will be useful for users taking their first steps into the world of SLR cameras and have the need to become familiar with the principles of operation of such products.

The new model uses the same CMOS sensor 24.2 megapixels of the previous D3300, always devoid of low pass filter, thanks to which device can obtain more detailed images making them, at the same time, more susceptible to the effect moiré. No novelty with regard to the image processor which remains the EXPEED 4, the same used in the previous model. The camera supports recording of video with FullHD resolution and can benefit from the choice of targets in DX format Nikkor and Nikon Speedlights.

Nikon D3400 in various markets the new kit, including the camera body and one or two NIKKOR lenses. The kit Single stabilized zoom NIKKOR AF-P DX 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 VR will be marketed from September at a price of $ 649. A second kit will include the camera body and standard lens is not stabilized and will be priced at $ 599. Nikon has also announced the new zoom NIKKOR AF-P DX 70-300 f4.5-6.3 ED available with and without stabilizer. The kit includes the Nikon D3400 with 18-55mm stabilized and non-stabilized 70-300 is offered at $ 999

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