Nintendo NX

Nintendo continues to pursue the last communicated publicationperiod its upcoming console and has recently also expressed about the project “Quality of Life”, which is apparently is a kind of health service based on vital data with entertaining approach.

In a note on the occasion of its annual Investorenkoferenz Nintendo has again dated the worldwide release of the Nintendo NX to March 2017 and also again reaffirmed the “brand new concept” of the console, via the currently can only speculate. was also broached the project “Quality of Life”, to which it also provides no exact information, and it is still unclear whether it is connected to the Wii U successor.

Nintendo describes “Quality of Life” as a new product, which is to improve the quality of life to “pleasant way”. The declared aim to make it to the customer to accomplish daily efforts to improve their quality of life in fun way, including by sleep and fatigue states are visualized and then basing various services offered

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