Nissan Serena ProPilot

Once the Nissan Serena, convenient Japanese minivan, was also with us; for fifteen years it is gone, while the fifth generation will come from the end of August only in Japan. With an important new feature: the autonomous driving system PROPILOT. Finally a car “popular” a fully autonomous driving? Not really: it is first of all an option, then the system allows unmanned driving in specific situations, in particular driving on the motorway or on country roads on a single lane. A little ‘as the Autopilot Tesla and other similar applications to study in other houses, here using a monocular camera ZF manufacturing, flanked by an advanced 3D image reading system, and automatic steering drive systems , accelerator and brakes.

Nissan Serena ProPilot 8

Nissan Serena ProPilot 7

Nissan Serena ProPilot 6

Nissan Serena ProPilot 5

Nissan Serena ProPilot 4

Nissan Serena ProPilot 3

Nissan Serena ProPilot 2

Nissan Serena ProPilot front grill

Nissan Serena ProPilot

Nissan PROPILOT allows travel automatically when driving in the column, being able to move and stop the car independently and depending on the rest of the tail. It is manually set a standard speed (30 to 100 km / h), and the car can also steer alone in curves, remaining in the lane. Be careful, though: if you come off your hands off the wheel for too long, the system is switched off, or if the PROPILOT carry out a total shutdown, recovery can only take place by accelerating or press of a hotkey. This also in relation with the recent deadly accident with the AutoPilot Tesla: the PROPILOT, which can be easily disabled and has a monitor which illustrates the instantaneous operation, never intended to replace the pilot, but is only a guide assistant. It ‘still the first time that a manufacturer offers a modern generalist autonomous driving system, which will soon be even more evolved: in 2018 will be able to change lanes, and in 2020 freely face the turns and intersections. And above all should be up on “our” models, starting with the Qashqai of 2017, and the American and Chinese markets.

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