Notebook Toshiba Windows 10

From July 29, all new Toshiba lineup based on Windows will be available for the free upgrade, including the Satellite C series, Satellite L, P Satellite, Satellite 15 and Satellite Click Radius Mini that were presented at the beginning of ‘ year. Designed to take full advantage of the new capabilities of Windows 10, many of the new models incorporate hardware and components to ensure maximum performance and dual microphones for the best experience Cortana – optimized with clear voice capture and shortcut key on the keyboard to launch the digital assistant of Microsoft. Cortana allows to know the preferences of its members and support them in everyday life by providing advice imported, such as traffic, turning Web searches more intuitive or remembering the upcoming events.
Toshiba Satellite Radius 15
Even customers who have models of Toshiba series of 2014 will have the experience of Windows 10 as it becomes available, is updated immediately on most models. In addition, Toshiba will support the upgrade to Windows 10 also for models of 2013 making available drivers and other software update six months after the announcement of the availability.
Specifically, the upgrade to Windows 10 is expected in three dates: July 29, 2015, October 31, 2015 and January 31, 2016. If you have a Toshiba laptop, get it in the list below and circle on the calendar on the day of your upgrade.
July 29, 2015
Encore WT7 Mini-C
Encore 2 Write WT10PE
Encore 2 Write WT8PE
Encore 2 WT10-A
Encore 2 WT8-B
Qosmio X70-B
Satellite C40-C
Satellite C50-A
Satellite C50-B (excluding models with product code that begins with “PSCLG”, “PSCLJ”)
Satellite C50D-A
Satellite C50t-A
Satellite C55-A
Satellite C55-C
Satellite C55D-A
Satellite C55D-C
Satellite C70-B
Satellite C70-C
Satellite C70D-B
Satellite C70D-C
Satellite CL10-B
Satellite CL10W-B
Click L9W Satellite Mini-B
Satellite L50-B
Satellite L50-C
Satellite L50D-C
Satellite L50t-B
Satellite L70-B
Satellite L70-C
Satellite P50-C
Satellite P50t-C
Satellite P70-B
Satellite Radius 11 L10W-B
Satellite Radius 15 P50W-C
Satellite S50-B
Satellite S50D-B
October 31, 2015
Satellite C50-B (models with product code that begins with “PSCLG”, “PSCLJ”)
Satellite C50D-B (models with product code that begins with “PSCMY”)
Satellite Click 2 L30W-B
Click 2 Satellite Pro P30W-B
Satellite NB10-A
Satellite P50-B
Satellite P50t-B
January 31, 2016
Encore WT8-A
Qosmio PX30t
Qosmio X70-A
Satellite C70-A
Satellite C70D-A
Satellite C75-A
Satellite L50-A
Satellite L50t-A
Satellite L70-A
Satellite L70t-A
Satellite M50-A
Satellite M50d-A
Satellite M50Dt-A
Satellite M50t-A
Satellite P50-A
Satellite P50t-A
Satellite P70-A
Satellite S50t-A
Satellite S70-A
A satellite-U50T
Satellite W30Dt-A
Satellite W30t-A

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