Nox Coolbay MX2

Nox presents Coolbay MX2 a new chassis for PCs with expanding the characteristic and successful series of boxes Coolbay. But, even if it is a small box that does not deceive because the interior has been maximized so that you can ride inside a team high performance without problems, including up to 240 mm radiator.

The new box Nox Coolbay MX2 is a compact mini tower chassis format compatible with micro ATX size plates. Made entirely in black both inside and outside, the front has a finish made of metal grid, following the design of other models of the Coolbay series. Incorporates a 120mm fan pre-installed on the front and the possibility of installing up to 3 additional fans: an extra 120 mm on the front, one 120mm in the rear and one of 120/140 mm on the side of the box. Thanks to the metal grid on the front side and the grid, the air flow inside the machine is guaranteed, thus ensuring optimal cooling of all components.

Nox Coolbay MX2

While it is a small-sized chassis, the interior offers possibilities to host a high-performance team, since it has graphics ability to install up to 350 mm in length and coolers of a maximum height of 160 mm. It has an external 5.25 “bay and four internal bays, two 3.5” and two 2.5 “, and four expansion slots in the rear. In addition, we can install a standard ATX power supply.

On the other hand, Coolbay MX2 is prepared to host liquid cooling systems inside, with room for a radiator 120/240 mm on the front and a radiator 120 mm in the rear. Since the interior space is not that about, is not advisable to consider installing a system as liquid cooling, but one of the many teams AIO kind in the market to provide our system the best and most advanced cooling available to him.

Nox Coolbay MX2 05

The new Nox Coolbay MX2 you can buy in Spain from October 2016 to price 25,90 €

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