NuAns NEO W10M

Took today off, as previously announced, crowdfunding campaign with which nüans aims to broaden the distribution of the NEO, Mobile smartphone Windows 10 already distributed in the Japanese market, and past the headlines for some constructive solutions that allow you to distinguish it from the crowd more or less anonymous smartphone. Nüans goal is to reach the sum of $ 725,000 by August 9 th. If the target is achieved, the company will begin to fulfill orders all over the world (including Italy) from November. The details of the Kickstarter campaign, which has already passed the milestone of $ 10.000 a few hours after its launch, are available by connecting to this address.

NuAns NEO W10M

A distinctive feature of the smartphone is the backcover Twotone, structured in two separable elements and available in multiple colors and finishes that can be combined according to the user’s taste. The smartphone does not shine as far as the thickness measuring 11.4 mm, but hosts within a large 3350 mAh battery. Another cause for concern is aroused by the Snapdragon processor 617, along with 2GB of RAM and USB Type-C connector, it allows you to take advantage of the Continuum of Windows 10 Mobile mode. The remaining specifications include a 5 “display with HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels, 295 ppi), 13-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front.

The campaign on Kickstarter has foreseen the possibility of financing the project with a “early bird deal” of $ 250, the final cost of nüans NEO will amount to $ 399. The parts available for purchase at $ 250 were quickly sold out, but it is still active another proposal to purchase / finance (with 1,000-unit quantities) to price slightly higher, $ 270. Given the figures quoted above users will receive a NUANS NEO Koreas, optionally, a backcover Twotone or FLIP homes in any color. Please remember that Kickstarter is an online store but a website through which are often financed projects proposed by startups. Figures paid not ensure the finalization of the project that will initially reach the desired results.

Nüans NEO continues to be talked about because it well represents the efforts with which Microsoft partners carry on the evolution of the ecosystem Windows 10 Mobile, after the clear statement of the Redmond location that has confirmed the absence of projects aimed at commercialization of new models in the Lumia range. In fact it falls on third parties the task of providing the hardware to use Microsoft’s mobile operating system, the development of which, beyond everything, continues.

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