Nvidia Geforce 1050 GTX Ti

If Nvidia hopes the new queen of the range of input as to graphics cards is the next Geforce GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti, tests that have leaked today from the website of Chip Hell suggest that quite possibly be the case for this new graphics that aims to dethrone current Geforce GTX 750 and 950 Ti and make competition to the newest Radeon RX 460.

The launch of the two new graphics cards Nvidia Geforce 1050 GTX and 1050 Ti is, as they say, just around the corner as it is expected to be next Tuesday October 25 when both are present. Of course, this release is the great hope of Nvidia to regain its leadership in the input range of graphics cards, which currently is firmly seated in the hands of AMD Radeon thanks to the launch of the new RX 460. But it is clear that , confirmed the numbers were leaked, it could very well happen at the hands of the green team if things do not change.

Leaked Nvidia Gefroce GTX 1050 Ti 01Viendo these two photos we already know that the graphic image uses a double sink body and a PCB tailor made specifically for mounting such a large sink, given the amount of free space left to the left of the image. We can also see that the graph uses an extra power connector, which means that the graphics will come with factory overclocked that will get out of the 75 W maximum power consumption is supposed to have this model graph. Something that we see confirmed in the following screenshot using the GPU-Z program.

Nvidia Geforce 1050 GTX GPU-Z Ti leakedEl user who made the leak appears that the test was run 3DMark its variants Firestrike Ultra Spy and Time where the graph obtained the following results:

Scores have been obtained, always bearing in mind that the drivers that have been used are not definitive Nvidia, we can see that the graph has a lot of potential because they are superior to those that can be obtained from the current Radeon R9 380 and Geforce GTX 960 and are, in fact, marginally better than what we got here when we could test the Radeon RX 460. we now need to know how these results translate into the real world, but it is clear that AMD once again has a tough competitor with Nvidia. As usual, the final price will be deciding who runs the cat to water takes.

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