NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3G Founders Edition

Yesterday, as we reported in this news, NVIDIA announced the second version of video card GeForce 1060 GTX with 3 Gbytes of video memory. In spite of the identical name change two elements:

the amount of video memory is halved from 6 to 3 Gbytes;
CUDA cores integrated into the GPU rose from 1,280 to 1,152, with a consequent reduction in the number of TMU from 80 to 72.

The remaining technical specifications are the same, in terms of clock frequencies of the GPU and video memory as well as additional functionality. In consideration of the reduction in the number of CUDA cores we can estimate a performance impact including on average between 5% and 10% in the frames per second of which is capable this card with respect to the declination with 6 Gbytes, obviously considering usage scenarios where the quantity of 3 Gbytes of memory does not represent a bottleneck.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3G Founders Edition 2

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3G Founders Edition

NVIDIA’s partners have announced their GeForce 1060 GTX 3 Gbytes, characterizing them with custom design and different cooling systems from the reference design. We have to point out how this card NVIDIA does not provide a Founders Edition but have left full customization introduces partners.

The official list suggested by NVIDIA in North America for this card is $ 199 plus tax, the same amount requested by AMD for the Radeon RX 480 card with 4 Gbytes of video memory. To check the lists of various boards proposed by the partners, as the customizations and any standard overclocking will affect the final cost of increasing it compared with 183 € + tax indicated for European markets (225 € tax included in Italy).

At present there are no traces of these cards in the lists of the Italian online retailers, but in this time it does not surprise us. To be sure are missing even the Radeon RX 480 cards with 4 Gbytes of video memory, which in fact have not yet entered the market by the official debut took place at the end of June: AMD and partners have until now made available the only cards Radeon RX 480 with 8 Gbytes of onboard video memory.

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