Nvidia GeForce GTX 990M Notebook

According to rumors circulating online in the last hours, Nvidia is working on a new GPU for high-end notebook that could revolutionize the graphics performance of this type of products. In recent days, in fact, it was rumored that the company had working on a mysterious project called N16E-Gxx, but apparently it is “only” a GPU high-end furniture, probably based on ‘architecture Maxwell GM204.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 990M Notebook

Also according to the source, the probable GeForce GTX 990, should have performance equivalent to two GeForce GTX 980 in SLI, a real monster of power but then need to test on the consumption side.

Nvidia has shown that the architecture Maxwell is very efficient, but the limits of the chip to 28nm are now neighbors, which is why we do not expect miracles. In addition to this we have to consider the price that Nvidia could adopt this GPU for “extreme” for laptops.

Speaking of dates, finally, it seems that Nvidia could present the card in the last quarter of 2015.

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