Nvidia Notebook GeForce GTX VR Ready

NVIDIA announced at CES 2016 a special program “VR-ready” to help the gamer to live exciting experiences with virtual reality. The company has partnered with PC manufacturers, notebook and add-in card with the most important goal of providing systems and graphics cards “GeForce GTX VR Ready”, that is able to ensure a gaming experience with reality Virtual particularly immersive. Thanks to this program, will, therefore, minimized the doubts about the equipment needed to play with the applications and titles VR, present in increasing numbers on the market.

To be eligible to the best of virtual reality, in fact, power is required graphical approximately seven times greater than that required for the traditional applications and 3D games, thus bringing the framerate than 90 fps for two simultaneous images (one for each of the two eyes).

NVIDIA GPUs are the heart of the ecosystem and VR are based on award-winning architecture NVIDIA Maxwell, who was already designed taking into account the needs of virtual reality. Besides being able to handle high framerate, in fact, it has specifications suitable for the VR, including support for NVIDIA Multi-Res Shading, which increases performance by up to 50%, improving the image quality while reducing the latencies.

NVIDIA is able to offer the highest performance and the lowest latency for VR, thanks to the combination of its Maxwell GPU GTX, NVIDIA drivers Game Ready and its software tools for developers, including NVIDIA and NVIDIA GameWorks VR DesignWorks VR. Some of the world’s largest PC vendors, including Maingear, MSI, Alienware, support the “GeForce GTX VR Ready program.”

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