As much as long as the battery of our electronic device we always seem to be insufficient, and we have the feeling that we will leave just lying on the time when we need it most. This impression especially when we know we will be in a place where hardly we will be able to recharge To prevent this from happening to us now comes Omnicharge.

Features Omnicharge

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Omnicharge is an external battery that has a large capacity and we can avoid the problem mentioned at the beginning. It has two different versions one of 13,600 mAh and another 20,400 mAh, both with a size sufficiently small to carry with us.

The battery has two USB fast charging port that can be used to charge any device that allows this speed. Moreover, being a smart battery is ready to know what the right process for each device we connect recharge.

To charge the external battery is only necessary to keep it plugged into the stream for two hours.

Crowdfunding campaign for Omnicharge

To move forward with this exciting project, Omnicharge creators have decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to get the needed amount, $ 50,000.

The success of the battery has become clear since writing these lines had already exceeded $ 600,000 when there are still 10 days to the end of the campaign.

If you have found this interesting external battery you can do with the project page. If you decide on Maz 13,600 version is priced at $ 99. Whereas if you bet more capacity version, 20,400 mAh you have to pay $ 129.

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