OnePc Smartwatch Color

After using it for years and its offer of AIO desktop PC, also the Italian OnePC launches in the field of wearable launching its first smartwatch. OnePc Smartwatch Color is a versatile, cost-effective, feature-rich and very glam: ideal for sports, for the techno geek but also for the curious who want to try the new technology trend of smartwatch in a simple and affordable (costs only € 29.90).

The structure is ultra light (total weight of only 21 grams) and 0.68-inch OLED display with a diameter of 38mm is especially comfortable and user friendly. But there is no doubt that Smartwatch Color gives her best in symbiosis with the smartphone: Once connected, Bluetooth 4.0 with coverage up to a distance of 10 meters, you can get directly from the phone notifications of receiving calls and messages in real time.

In addition to the many features that fit in all respects in the category of smartwatch, OnePc Smartwatch Color is also equipped with great features that make it an excellent companion for sports:
pedometer count the steps performed by detecting body movement;
sports status monitor: calculating the distance, time and calories burned during physical activity or even the activities carried out during the day.
OnePc Smartwatch Color
Very interesting is the function of sleep monitoring to keep in shape is important to sleep soundly: This feature, which detects heartbeats, allows you to control the quality of sleep, identifying stages lighter and deeper. And for a pleasant awakening on time and it is also smartwatch OnePc alarm: thanks to its Smart Vibration Reminder you can set an alarm that will activate the vibration sensor to be woken without deafening noise and a more delicate.
Like all products targati OnePC even Smartwatch Color is fully customizable: the silicone strap is available in six different colors, orange, lime green, sky blue, black, pink and white. Since the strap is removable, you can choose more than one color, to adjust the clock at every opportunity. It is compatible with Android (version 4.3 and above) who with Apple devices (iOS 7), OnePC Smartwatch Color only costs € 29.90 EUR, which makes it affordable for all budgets.

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