Oukitel K10000

The days of worrying about smartphone battery over. Or is the aim of a Chinese firm that has announced the Oukitel K10000. A phone that would go unnoticed if it were not for its impressive battery of 10,000 milliamps. A capacity multiplied by more than three times the battery found in models like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + 6s Plus or iPhone. That is, we should use the terminal smoothly beyond five days or even a week. K10000 Oukitel Other features include 5.5-inch screen with HD resolution, a processor quad-core or eight-megapixel camera. So far, this model only come to the US market by a reference price of $ 240. We tell you the main details of this smartphone battery for an entire week.

Oukitel K10000

The Oukitel K10000 is a device that moves between the input range and midrange phablet format. Its 5.5-inch screen with a resolution HD bet of 1,280 x 720 pixels. This resolution sheds a density of 267 dots per inch, which offers a medium level of detail. This level is sufficient for apps, and navigation simple games, but we may be somewhat short when it comes to watch videos and movies in high resolution. Although the battery capacity, Oukitel has managed to maintain the terminal in a very competitive design. Thus, the weight of 184 grams will not be very heavy in his hand. This is combined with measures of 143 x 77 x 9 mm. This thickness below centimeter multiplies very surprising and attractiveness K10000.

Oukitel K10000

And the main attraction of Oukitel K10000 is its powerful battery than 10,000 milliamps. According to the Asian company, we might use this phablet for a time of between ten and twelve hours. However, it seems logical that a more intense use K10000 give us the time to use around week. In any case, this is a very attractive return for not having to be aware of the mobile.

In the bowels of Oukitel K10000 we found a quad-core processor with a power of 1 GHz per core, along with a RAM of 2 GB. This chip is not very powerful, but it can run a number of processes at the same time thanks to the RAM. K10000 internal memory up to 16 GB, a capacity that can be expanded through a MicroSD memory card (up to 32GB). In the media field, we have a humble set of cameras. At the rear we have a target resolution of eight megapixels, while the front camera stays in the two megapixels.

K10000 Oukitel connections shines through the ability to connect to 4G high-speed networks of up to 150 Mbps. We also have WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity or GPS to navigate through apps like Google Maps or Waze. For now, the only K10000 Oukitel reach the US market. His reference price stands at $ 240, but the Chinese company is offering a promotional price of $ 200.

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