Ozone Exon Origen and Ekho Origen

Ozone presents its two new peripherals oriented, as is traditional of the brand to the market for professional and / or amateur players: supraurales headphones Ekho H80 Origin that come equipped with virtual 7.1 sound, and laser mouse Exon F60 Origin, endowed with 7,000 dpi resolution and whose design has been key support provided by the famous player Xpeke.

Headphones Ekho H80 Origin are a good example of the ultimate objective of Ozone with its new peripherals, which is to provide all players, irrespective of their level of peripherals are able to supply all their needs in the field virtual battlefield. Thus, these new headphones have a supraural design with two glasses completed extra comfortable pads that not only isolate its user from noise and external distractions, if not to help you immerse yourself more deeply in the virtual world of the game you are enjoying at that moment.

Ozone Exon Origen and Ekho Origen

Since the positioning of the player in the game it is essential to get the best result, new H80 make use of a sound system 7.1 virtual employing cones 50 mm with an impedance of 32 ohms which allow clear sounds and, at the same time , powerful. But positioning is not everything; Also communication with the other components of your computer are essential to victory. So H80 incorporate a retractable microphone.

Mouse Exon F600 Origin has been designed from the start following the advice and making use of all the experience that has the famous player Xpeke. One of the aspects that more attention has been paid to the precision of the optical sensor and therefore has been equipped with Pixart PWMW3310 sensor that always guarantee flawless performance and will not require the use of hardware acceleration for give maximum performance. But accuracy is useless if the end fails durability, all switches used in the mouse are manufactured by the prestigious brand OMRON, which will always be a synonym of unquestionable quality.

The new F60 comes equipped with RGB LED lighting in both the brand logo on the side accents as owning and provide it with an undeniable character. The configuration software that comes bundled with the mouse allows you to set the preferred colors for each profile, including the choice between different lighting effects and even to choose to use different for each of the two zones of lighting colors.

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