Ozone Rage Z50

The series Rage series has become one of the most popular headphones in the history of the Ozone brand. Its aggressive design coupled with its high performance Rage have made the handset chosen by countless players around the world when they want faced their opponents with confidence that their helmets are not going to fail. Ozone has decided to renew these successful helmets with new Ozone Rage Z50.

As the most successful product range of Ozone Rage needs to evolve, adapt and advance to meet the needs of a new era. And that’s exactly what they did when rethink its original design. With the new Rage Z50, users can enjoy a unique design with new and improved features in the audio provided, together with the use of materials of very high quality to offer exactly what they need right now.

The Rage Z50 are some extremely lightweight, comfortable and with a soft setting to enjoy long gaming sessions with high comfort headphones. Its premium quality materials such as soft leather and lightweight plastic makes the Rage Z50 a very strong product line to use for a long time. And to achieve the maximum degree of freedom, with earphone Z50 can adjust the microphone built taking into account the exact needs or just removing it when it is no longer in use, protecting it. With the Rage, Ozone want the user to have always with maximum attention on the game, a total immersion in the game and in the fight.

Ozone Rage Z50 2

Ozone Rage Z50 3

Ozone Rage Z50

The Rage series has been designed with meticulous care process quality audio. Rage Z50 is optimized for low, medium and high frequency offering high quality sound, crisp and better positioning of the various stimuli we receive when playing a video game.

Today gamers have a different lifestyle a few years ago. Ozone has evolved its products to suit the style of each player. Its products, in addition to a striking and comfortable design, are available in different colors to suit your needs.

If you like listening to your favorite song on your smartphone, watch a movie on your tablet or enjoy an intense gaming session on your PC (Mini Jack adapter included), with Rage Z50 will get the best sound quality on any device

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