Panasonic BTS30, BTS50, BTD5 and BTD10

Panasonic catalog includes four models of wireless headsets developed for users looking to enjoy quality sound without relying on cables. Among them are the Panasonic and Panasonic BTD10 BTD5 two headband headset models. On the other hand, we have the Panasonic and Panasonic BTS30 BTS50 two models for users looking for a headset for sports. Let’s review its features.

The Panasonic BTD10 and BTD5 use 40 mm driver units with the neodymium magnets that produce a sound with dynamic bass. In addition, BTD10 are compatible with the aptX codec, which allows you to play music with minimal degradation of audio quality. These headphones get a dynamic deep bass and crisp, clear highs.

In terms of design, both models include a system fairly intuitive buttons located on the outside of the handset, allowing faster access to controls. The buttons can be easily identified by touch, so it is not necessary to look at the buttons every time we have to use them. On the inside bottom of the left pad we find a built-in microphone that allows you to answer calls easily and with pretty good sound quality. In addition, these headphones are connected quickly using Bluetooth technology and also using NFC. As for autonomy, Panasonic BTD10 offer 30 hours of playback with a full battery charge, while the Panasonic BTD5 arrive until 40 hours of battery life playing music.

BTD5 Panasonic cordless handsets and can be purchased in our country at a price somewhat lower at 60 euros. On the other hand, the Panasonic BTD10 are also available for purchase at a price of just under 100 euros.

Panasonic BTS50 and BTS30

In addition to the aforementioned headband headphones, Panasonic has in its catalog two wireless but also aimed at athletes who seek comfort without sacrificing great sound models. Channel models with Bluetooth BTS50 and BTS30 are designed to achieve high-quality sound through drivers 12 and 9 mm respectively, which provide crisp and clear sounds avoiding the noise produced by contact by an adjustable cable that placed behind the ear. At the same time, the flexible arc provides a more comfortable and secure fit capable of supporting the movement while high-intensity sport is practiced.

The BTS50 headphones feature aptX audio codec that allows wireless transmission of CD quality sound through Bluetooth, avoiding the typical delay that this technology generates. In addition, this model features an illuminated front edge for added security when sport is practiced late in the day in dark environments or with reduced brightness. In addition, both models feature a sweat-resistant finish and waterproof, ideal for exercise in the rain and easy cleaning.

The Panasonic BTS50 are already available on the market with a price of 130 euros, while the Panasonic BTS30 are also available with a price of around 70 euros.

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