Panasonic DMP-UB900

Panasonic has just introduced a complete player. DMP-UB900 is the model, a Blu-ray player with advanced capabilities. The first product of a new generation. It has been developed in the laboratory of R & D that Panasonic has in Hollywood. It provides enhanced picture quality and sound. For this, the team has created a brand new high precision Chroma specific processor for ultra high definition (4K). The ultimate goal is a player capable of showing the film as they were conceived by its creators works. You can work with a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160 pixels (4K), but also with wide dynamic range (HDR). So, all the details of the images always look crisp, regardless of whether they are in shaded areas or very bright.

The images have a high contrast, and a rich color palette. The scenes appear realistic colors and great depth. The Chroma processor enables high-precision interpolation 4K 4K Ultra containing coded signals Blu-ray HD (4: 2: 0) for playback at 4K (4: 4: 4). Actually, 4K upscaling function Direct Chroma provides 4K video content from 2K. This requires using the HDMI 2.0 output and have a TV in ultra high definition (4K) able to handle 60p signals. Also, this Panasonic can resize images to a lower resolution, for example, to work with low-quality videos from the Internet on a Full HD TV.

Panasonic DMP-UB900 2

Panasonic DMP-UB900

Panasonic DMP-ub900

The Panasonic DMP-UB900 also has a THX certification for its high picture quality. Nor could miss advances related audio on this unit. Is player can work with sound in high resolution. You can connect to a home theater system to 7.1 channels for enjoying movies with total sound immersion. In fact, the team’s own components integrated high fidelity audio. The audio connectors are gold plated. Another aspect is the use of digital circuits with a special filter for local area networks (LAN). Thus noise is reduced when external sources are used from Internet and home networks. He also has five DACs (digital to analog) to 192 kHz and 32 bits. On the other hand, you can play audio formats like FLAC, WAV, ALAC and DSD.

Product managers of the brand have also created a new design, they have christened Cut 3D Design, which aims to emulate carvings gems. The front mimics a beveled mirror, and the buttons are backlit, so they can look good in the shadows of the room. Can play Blu-ray Full HD 3D and 4K output can operate both as 60p to 50p. You can play photos and videos from external hard drives from computers within the home network. It has integrated Wi-Fi 802.11n and 802.11ac compatible. In short, the Panasonic DMP-UB900 reader will be distributed in Europe

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