Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac Release Date

Parallels has announced the availability of Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac. Prepared for Sierra MacOS, Parallels 12 includes enhanced performance up to 25% and has over 20 ad hoc tools and utilities also available as a standalone application for Mac Parallels Toolbox.

 The new utilities are included in all editions of Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac simplify the execution of joint activities through ad hoc user-friendly tools for Mac and Windows virtual machines. 12 Parallels Desktop for Mac also offers the opportunity to buy Windows 10 and easily install it via Parallels Desktop Wizard.
The main initial features include archiving, encryption and protection of all files with passwords; simple screen capture or video recording of a screen, window or area; download videos from YouTube, Facebook and other Web sites with a single click; time management tools, such as alarm clock, timer, countdown timer and stopwatch date; ZIP file decompression utility, RAR and many other formats.
Parallels Desktop 12 Mac
Main features of Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac

Parallels for Mac Toolbox: 20 tools that simplify work everyday on Mac.
Simple Backup: one year subscription to Acronis True Image with 500 GB of backup storage cloud that, instead of requiring a new bailout of the entire virtual machine and for any modifications, allows you to back up only incremental changes.
Overwatch to support the game for Blizzard Entertainment PC.
app support for Xbox on Windows 10 to optimize and play Xbox games on Mac
Scheduling updates for Windows for an appropriate time in order to avoid long interruptions during the day.
Checking the storage space used by the virtual machines directly from Optimized Storage in MacOS Sierra.
password storage for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge for Mac Keychain.
Assigning special behaviors apps to Windows, such as “Always open” full screen and “Always hide” other apps, so you can play them more easily on Mac.
simple elimination of lengthy operations on virtual machines
Opening documents from SharePoint and Office 365 in the Microsoft Office desktop applications for Windows directly from your favorite browser on Mac.
Possibility of keeping Windows running in the background, rather than suspend virtual machines, to instantly open applications and Windows documents.
Outlook for Windows saves documents now Mac and Windows on which you have recently had access, so that they are easily accessible for selection when adding attachments to emails.
Improved support of the Retina technology for resizing Windows virtual machines.
Storing virtual machines to save space in the Pro Edition.
Setting resource limits for virtual machines in the Pro Edition.
Network Conditioner in the Pro Edition now includes pre-configured network profiles (Edge, 100% loss, 3G, DSL, Very Bad Network and Wi-Fi) to streamline testing and apply custom settings.
The performance enhancements to Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac include:

Creating snapshots up to 90% faster.
Suspension of virtual machines by up to 60% faster.
Performance of shared folders up to 25% higher.
Project compilation Visual Studio® of shared folders 25% faster.
10% increase in battery life.
Increased responsiveness of virtual machines when the Mac computer has little free memory.
12 Parallels Desktop for Mac also offers the opportunity to buy Windows 10 and easily install it via Parallels Desktop Wizard; also it includes an option to mParallels Desktop 12 planned for allowing the updating and maintenance of Windows during the night or at times that do not interfere with the user’s workflow.

The recommended retail price of 12 Parallels Desktop for Mac is € 79.99. Updates for customers perpetual license Parallels Desktop 10 or 11 for Mac are available at € 49.99, with a Parallels coupon code offer to upgrade to a subscription of Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition at € 49.99 at ‘ year forever.

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition and Parallels Desktop Business Edition are available for new customers to 99.99 € per year. Thanks to Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac, in addition, for PC gamers and Xbox will benefit from an improved support for games.

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